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Classic & Collector Auto


When it comes to understanding the needs of vintage and collector car owners, we are the company to trust to protect and support you. As a top ten agency in Ohio, we work with many collectors who have invested money, time and work into their “baby”.

We are the leading specialist when it comes to vintage and collector vehicles. Our agency knows what it takes to insure your classic, and we have the resources to help you with everything else you do with it — driving, maintaining, buying and selling, storing, moving, restoring and more (including helping you find parts to make a repair).

We are a family-owned business that prides itself on meeting your individual needs. With us, you get the coverage you need, with the exceptional service you and your car deserve.

What’s a collector car?

A lot of people assume there’s a certain age that qualifies a vehicle as collectible, but that’s not necessarily true. We provide coverage for vehicles that are*:

  • Appreciating or maintaining a steady market value
  • In good condition or under restoration
  • Kept in a secure, enclosed storage facility
  • Not used for a daily or backup transportation

*Additional program guidelines apply

Why specialty insurance?

  • Lower premiums than standard insurance
  • Coverage for the way you use your car
  • Coverage that accounts for your car’s real value
  • Claims handled by classic car experts

Enjoy your car
If you’re worried that insuring your vintage or collector vehicle means never driving it, don’t. we believe great cars were made to be enjoyed, so their policy allows unlimited pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits.

we know values…
From our Price Guide to the most recent auction info to the 675,000 cars already on the books, no other company has its finger on the pulse of vintage and collector care values like we do.

If your car’s value changes, we’ll know it, because the market’s most trusted experts live and work there. When the media need a quote about collector cars, they come to us.

…and we guarantee them
We not only understand what your car is worth, we guarantee you will be paid its full value in the case of a covered total loss. With Guaranteed Value* coverage, we start by agreeing with you on your car’s insured value, then the policy guarantees that value, with no depreciation.

*With our $0 deductible option, if you decide not to keep your vehicle after a covered total loss, you will receive a check for the vehicle’s insured amount.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Guaranteed Value coverage – The policy guarantees your car’s value, with no depreciation
  • Knowledgeable service – Available to help seven days a week
  • Valuation expertise – Helps you get the right coverage for your car
  • On-staff Claims adjusters trained in auto repair –  they know how to make your car whole again
  • Repair shop – We can even pay you to do the work
  • Flexible usage – Great cars were made to be enjoyed
  • Coverage for travel, transport, spare parts and more – Everything a classic car owner needs