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Deluxe Door


That line never worked while staring into pretty blue eyes, but it has worked for me in business.
I’m not a genius. I’m not a superhero. I love to dance. I look ugly doing it.
And I’m really obsessed with garage doors.
I started this little business named Deluxe Door Systems twenty years ago. I can’t even remember why we named it that, but I do remember working my hands to the bone because I crazy loved it. I think I learned that from my grandfather. I loved how a little hard work made people smile (and put food on my table at the same time – let’s be honest with each other).
A broken garage door just makes humans annoyed and angry. I get to be the doctor with the fix-it pill.
Or when folks do the new door route, I get to see them go, “Holy crap… is that my house?”. That’s even better.
So how are we different and worth your time, you ask? (See how I forced you into that so I could say what I wanted to say? …Apologies).
Too many other garage door companies pitch sales, deals, discounts, low prices, and steals. I know this will sound socliché, but if you could see my heart, you’d know it’s pure when I say, “You’re gonna get what you stinking pay for”. Period.
My obsession is to get you “the good stuff” – a level of quality I can look you in the eyes and feel good about. And when you see the good price you’re getting for “the good stuff”, you won’t look back and say, “Get the heck out of my house.”
My little company is a little bigger now. I’m living proof that even scrawny kids can get good at what they do when they work hard. I’m asking you, in this here essay… to give us a shot.

  • We are obsessed with garage doors.
  • We FIX anything your garage door got itself into QUICK, STRAIGHTFORWARD, only IF NEEDED, and at a price you’ll be happy with.
  • We do NEW doors that makes the Jones’ wish they were the You’s.

It’s that simple. Like me. Hope I get to meet you.
Jeff Mays, Owner *** Most of our good stuff is from Clopay… and Clopay products aren’t just any ole products.  They’re the only residential product to get the Good Housekeeping’s Seal of Approval. And they’re North America’s leading residential garage door manufacturer. We’re actually Clopay’s ONLY Master Authorized Dealer in Columbus. That’s a fancy way of saying… Clopay is a big deal in garage doors, and we’re the best in Columbus at bringing families their ‘good stuff’. It’s what we do.

185 Oak Street

Columbus, OH 43225

Phone: 614-840-0207