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B-Level is family owned and operated in Baltimore, Ohio, approximately 20 miles southeast of Columbus. We have designed and developed unique concrete-leveling equipment to repair concrete driveways, sidewalks, steps, warehouse and home floors, grain holding pads, parking garage floors, stoops, patios and just about any concrete area. We have also developed unique grouting delivery systems, as well as providing delivery of grout to remote areas. In addition, we perform extensive foundation work and are a certified Ram Jack foundation repair company. We also waterproof basement and outside foundation walls, install sump pumps and interior and exterior drain systems, and perform structural wall stabilization. We install carbon fiber products, steel I-beams and Ram Jack retention piers on basement walls, concrete pillars and concrete bridges. As a privately held company, we have remained committed to a core set of philosophies and strengths, including quality, reliability, technical and service superiority and strong partnerships with suppliers. We strive to fix concrete areas, rather than replace them.

5020 Basil Western Rd

Baltimore, OH 43105

Phone: 614-837-1269