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Community Causes

Speaking For Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves
August 31, 2017

Our agency will donate $40 in your name to protect abused, neglected, and injured animals in our community. We have joined the Ohio SPCA on their mission to intercede on behalf of all animals and bring change to situations and practices in which cruelty or suffering exists. Hundreds of domesticated and farm animals are rescued […]

Bringing Happiness to Our Local Families Affected by Childhood Cancer
May 1, 2017

Can we donate $40 in YOUR name to support families affected by childhood cancer? Our agency has joined the Childhood Cancer Family Connection, also known as Kids ‘N Kamp, and we are raising funds to bring happiness to those families battling cancer in our community. Childhood Cancer Family Connection is devoted to the emotional, social […]

Healing Local Families
January 27, 2017

At Delaware Hospice, they believe it is important to have a stated purpose and we strive to live our mission each and every day. Delaware Hospice wants to communicate values and unwavering commitment so that their patients and their families understand who they truly are and the level of care they can expect. Their purpose is […]

Connecting Technology, Learning, and the Community

Thank to everyone who joined us on this cause!     TechCorps has a simple vision: A technologically literate society in which all K-12 students have equal access to the technology skills, programs, and resources that will enrich their education and allow them to successfully compete in the global workforce. Like them, we believe in […]

Caring For Our Community’s Kids

A Huge thank you to everyone who joined us in our cause helping Kid ‘n’ Kamp, THANK YOU so much!   Kids N Kamp (now known as Childhood Cancer Family Connection) began in 1982 with a handful of dedicated volunteers coordinating a weekend summer camp for children with cancer. Since then, the organization has grown, […]

Chris Cowlin Insurance & Financial Joins Agents Of Change Movement
December 28, 2016

Chris Cowlin Agency is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive.